Fr. Jerzy Nawojowski OCD, PhD: Theological crisis in Teresian-Sanjuanist spirituality and mystics.

The term crisis has many definitions. In theological terms its meaning could be understood as „a state of discouragement and the loss of motivation to live and work” or „an upheaval of a value system or the position of something”. It is the poor situation of humanity, which manifests itself in various spheres: mental, physical or moral, along with the lack of motivation to act. But is this the basis of crisis in terms of spiritual theology and mysticism? The aim of the presentation will be to establish the concept of crisis through the example of St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross. The presentation of this topic will be based on an analysis of selected experiences from their lives which relate most to this topic, and the analysis of chosen texts from these 16th century Spanish mystics.

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